DownunderCTF: V8 Pwn DownunderCTF: V8 Pwn
In-depth write-up of the V8 challenge from DownUnderCTF 2020. ForewordUnfortunately I couldn’t solve the challenge, as i
Hacktivitycon - Pwn challenges Hacktivitycon - Pwn challenges
I played this CTF mainly because I was chilling out and wanted to try out some challenges from the CTF. I managed to do
ret2csu - A Return Oriented Programming Technique ret2csu - A Return Oriented Programming Technique
This is an in-depth guide on ret2csu technique. I tried to make this article as much detailed as I could, including refe
zer0ptsCTF - Hipwn Challenge zer0ptsCTF - Hipwn Challenge
Writeup on how I managed to solve hipwn from zer0ptsCTF. Analzying Source Code and BinarySo, we got 2 files in a gzip ar
Hack The Box - Bastion Hack The Box - Bastion
Write-up for Bastion from NmapStarting off with nmap we use nmap -sV -sC -A shows 22, 139, 4
Vulnhub - AI: Web Vulnhub - AI: Web
This is a writeup for AI:Web by arif from Vulnhub. NmapStarting off with the nmap and using nmap -sV -sC -A -p- -T4 192.
Vulnhub - Tempus Fugit Vulnhub - Tempus Fugit
Writeup for Tempus Fugit by 4ndr34z and DCUA7. ForewordThis machine had a internal network/machine that was our real tar
Vulnhub - Tr0ll:1 Vulnhub - Tr0ll:1
Today, we are going to pwn Troll:1 from Vulnhub by maleus. NmapRunning a nmap scan on the machine for analysing the serv
Vulnhub - Symfonos 3 Vulnhub - Symfonos 3
This is a walkthrough of Symfonos 3 which is 3rd machine in Symfonod series. NmapLet’s scan the network and start workin
Vulnhub - dpwnn1 Vulnhub - dpwnn1
NmapStarting off with the nmap, using nmap -sV -sC -A shows us that 22, 80 and 3306 i.e. SSH, HTTP, MySQL
ROP - ret2libc attack ROP - ret2libc attack
Today, I will show you how to use Return Oriented Programming for doing a ret2libc attack. ForewordThis is much more har
ROP- Basic Exploit Creation ROP- Basic Exploit Creation
This blog post will teach you basics of ROP i.e. how to use tools efficilently. OverviewThis post is more practical, so
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